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Change the future of these poor souls! Donate Now

Change the future of these poor souls! Donate Now
National NGO

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was on her way to school accompanied by her father. On her way, she saw a young boy who was cleaning and washing the cars.

When she noticed this young lad, the first question that came up in her mind was- “Doesn’t she go to school?” To her curiousness, she asked her father in a confused way!

Her father replied- “Beta, there are many other children like him who don’t belong to a well-off family and do these menial jobs for a living!”

This incident while walking by the school troubled her deep inside and all she wanted was to give every child an opportunity to study for a better future.

The little girl wanted to make a difference. She asked her father if they could do anything to prevent deprivation, and somehow they managed to contact National NGO Reviews which was a messiah for the issues of these poor souls!

National NGO envisions a safer world where every child is healthy and educated. We are looking for committed donors who want to contribute for children’s rights.

There are many like this young girl who can make a huge difference in the society step-by-step. If you also wish to volunteer for a good cause, Donate now!

Now Education is not a distant dream

Now Education is not a distant dream
National NGO Helping poor children for Study

Ever thought about unprivileged children? We on the other hand, often take education for granted. Although, the racism still exists in our nation.

The girl child is not allowed to study and it remains a distant dream for them for eternity. They are also forced to drop out of school immediately. In contrary, boys are allowed to study further. How ironical it is!

Nonetheless, women are shaping the future of the world. They are leaving no stone unturned in today’s generation.

With adequate education, they will properly be nourished in a way that they can help themselves to have an Independent space in this chaotic world.

They will also be aware of their rights and will stay away from child labour, and foster into a strong young woman of tomorrow! National NGO helps these women to transform where they can bring a positive change in the society.

National NGO has proved that Now Education is not a distant dream.

The organisation gives them numerous choices to grow as an independent member.

These children do not get to play and have proper adequate education like us! They are exploited and carry the burden of poverty throughout their childhood.

Illiteracy adds to it even more, and provides a glimpse to a dark future. How saddening it is that the little ones are forced into child labour and just do not get to enjoy the joyous moments of life.

They belong to a family where socio-economic conditions are worst than ever!

Henceforth, National NGO likes to take a step ahead and empower every individual with education and a childhood filled with spring and joy.For more queries, don’t forget to give us a call anytime!

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Being a ray of hope in the life of hopeless!

Being a ray of hope in the life of hopeless
National NGO helping children

In an increasingly complex world, it has now become imperative for any development intervention which aspires to change the current situation, to have a theory of how this change will happen.

National NGO is a humble stage, an indigenous humanitarian NGO to bring a ray of hope in the life of hopeless! The socio-economic norms are still prevalent in Indian society; it becomes a hindrance to giving equality to women and giving them proper medical services.

Women of the villages are not aware of their rights, and they are not even aware of the mother-care units, that has been allotted by the government.

Being a ray of hope in the life of hopeless

Hence, there are neonatal deaths, pre-birth deaths, and female foeticide still happening around. The philosophy of National NGO is premised on lifelong learning and education critical to personal and professional development.

We are trying to bring a change in Indian society with the help of our non-profit organisation.

These children are deprived of healthy growth and have lost all hopes in life. It is our duty to revolve and transform their situations apart from the misconceptions that are held in society.

These children only wish to live a lively childhood like most of the children. The innocent shell which is broken before even coming to the limelight.

We at National NGO let them re-live their childhood with all the empathy and resources that we can provide.

Little by little, step-by-step, yes we are growing each day. We try to bring the hope and any vista that can be possible to change their lives for the better! For any kind of assistance, we’re just a call away 1800-103-4683

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Disease Prevention: Dodging the big ‘D’ of Disease

Dodging the big ‘D’ of Disease.
Big ‘D’ of Disease.

The outbreak of diseases is occurring and spreading like fire. We often don’t realise the symptoms in the initial weeks, and later, it becomes an exposure for a lifetime!

These diseases show up as a ghostly figure, and then recovery takes an ample amount of time. However, why don’t we take prevention earlier?

Because of our lack of attention, we tend to have a laid back attitude that it’ll be diagnosed on its own. As the saying suggests,

“Prevention is better than cure.”

Diseases can come anytime, and it can happen overnight too! Usually, when you don’t have a healthy lifestyle and the major cause is of economic overburdening leads to death.

The disease starts with harming one cell in the body, and in some time it transforms into a poisonous thing which divides into multiple cells.

National NGO is bursting the terrific picture that is still prevalent in India, and people don’t develop an understanding of the treatment.

Dodging the big ‘D’ in Disease

There are a lot of old people who have been disowned by their own homes and even many homeless children who are suffering from malnutrition and then cause a lot many issues.

We list down a few ways through which you can ace a disease-free life and teach our children too!

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle: This is the mere reason why we give our children proper meals to fight any kind of disease and avoid any kind of possibility at the greatest peak. They are also allowed to play outside and stay safe from any kind of life-threatening disease.

2. Quit smoking: Teens tend to get in the habit of smoking tobacco, you won’t even realise that studies say: 6 million lives have already been taken because of hazardous smoking. It can lead to a variety of cancer, or problems in the lungs when not taken good care of.

3. Pollution: This is another huge aspect of getting polluted from inside. There are carcinogenic elements floating in this air, and it enters our body via breathing.

We need to start taking the necessary steps primarily. We can give these poor souls a way of hope by giving charity.

The diseases that happen to them are incurred with heavy costs. You never know how helpful your contribution can be for someone!

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